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Near Corris, Gwynedd - Wales by Peter Kettle

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Near Corris, Gwynedd - Wales

Peter Kettle

35 x 25 cm | 13 x 9 in

Subject: Places/landscape
Tags: Landscape, Nautical, Texture, Nature

Original painting in oil on canvas.

I visit and revisit areas of interest to gather the changing light and mood of the landscape. The landscapes of Wales are a perpetual spur for my love of painting. Being able to harness the hostility of the wild together with the peace of the water's edge is a duality I strive to capture in my work. The process is a marriage between the fleeting nuances and the rooted impression of a space experienced, re-visited and conceived in relation to the landscape.

I use a range of tools to explore mark-making, and drew early inspiration from the energetic and unique application of materiality of Terry Setch, David Tress and the work of Anselm Kiefer. Apart from celebrating the landscapes of Wales, I am always searching for new projects and have made my mark as a Welsh landscape artist exploring the story of Wales. I have also completed a series of work on Port Talbot Steelworks and the welsh industrial heritage. I have taken inspiration from the works of Dylan Thomas and painted scenes inspired by his prose in Laugharne. In my conceptions, the effect created through the application and materiality is paramount. Within the landscape, I constantly search for the forms, colours and rhythms that match my inner conception. I use various tools, (paint brush, sticks of different sizes and palette knifes) to work with, and judging the feel and contour of the landscape.


Peter Kettle

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Peter Kettle has recently been voted in as a Fellow for the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA).

Peter Kettle’s work has the surfaces of well-worn exterior walls, buffeted and corroded with the appearance of having withstood the effects of time and weather – a technique that gives his work an enlivening combination of stoicism and nostalgia. 

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