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Our Story

An innovator in the online art market.

NewBloodArt is a niche / boutique online art gallery, selling unique, original art by carefully selected emerging artists. NewBloodArt was founded with the twin aims of supporting talented artists in the early stages of their careers and making original art accessible and affordable to buyers.

Sarah Ryan founded NewBloodArt in 2004. Ryan has a proven record in spotting emerging artists, who go on to have successful careers, and whose work appreciates considerably, as a result the gallery has been featured in investment press in all the UK broadsheets. Ryan puts this ability to identify artists who go on to do very well down to being around art all the time, her background as an art tutor and a curiosity about living culture: going out to see what is happening in art colleges and contemporary retail spaces and being aware of the efforts of today’s emerging artists to find expressive forms. NewBloodArt is committed to conducting a perpetual talent search and bringing to the website only the most talented artists.

A Fine Art graduate and former art tutor, Ryan is genuinely interested in artists, and identifies and empathises with those involved in the process of making art. While making artworks during a life drawing class at art college, Ryan began thinking about the split required in the life of an art student in order to exist financially, and became dissatisfied with the vast and illogical gap between artists in training and those represented by galleries. She realized that there was no way of connecting buyers seeking truly affordable and, most importantly, original artwork with the artists producing them. For then, it seemed, mass reproduced images would continue to populate our walls. 

Ryan then went to teach art in Botswana for two years (1998 – 2000). When she returned the world had changed. Everyone was online. The Internet provided the missing piece, making it possible to promote young artists and their art at affordable prices, something that the contingencies of a physical gallery space had made an impossibility. Ryan says that if she had not been immersed in an entirely different world for so long, she would not have been struck by the contrast in quite the same way, or with such force.

The overheads of most gallery spaces mean that a genuinely undiscovered artist is rarely given a voice. Ryan sought to create a company that was truly modern, streamlined, fluid, mobile and direct.  With the democratization of the art world underway, NewBloodArt continues to seek out and showcase exciting new talent.

Artwork can be ordered online and delivered directly to your door (or desk) anywhere in the world. Prices range from £175 to £10,000.