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London Skyline by Nina Stallwood

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London Skyline

Nina Stallwood

76 x 51 cm | 29 x 20 in

Subject: Places/landscapes/interiors
Tags: Thames, London, Skyline

Original painting in oil on canvas.

"Inspired by the energy of London and its changing mood from day to night. As natural light recedes and the artificial lights of the night take over, the atmosphere changes from a thriving working capital to the promise of excitement that the night brings. The lights in the buildings, the continuous thrum of traffic , the lighting that exists within the cluster of architecture describe a multitude of narratives. This painting of the skyline of London on this day, at this time, as the sun goes down, represents a moment in the many stories that are constantly evolving in a city that is in constant change."


Nina Stallwood

Using oils to capture contemporary landscapes, Nina creates energetic urban landscapes by night. Her work draws on memory from places she has lived and travelled through. She paints in a loose, figurative style capturing light and atmosphere and movement. 

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