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Avon River, Near Keynsham by Peter Kettle

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Avon River, Near Keynsham

Peter Kettle

80 x 80 cm | 31 x 31 in

Subject: Places/landscape
Tags: Landscape, River, Dusk, Nautical, Texture, Nature

Original mixed media painting in plaster, oil, ink and acrylic on canvas.

I have just completed a walk following the River Avon from Avonmouth to Bath. Along the journey I sketched and painted this historic route. I revisited areas of interest to gather the changing light and mood of the river. The landscapes of Wales are a perpetual spur for my love of painting. Being able to harness the hostility of the wild together with the peace of the water's edge is a duality I strive to capture in my work. The process is a marriage between the fleeting nuances and the rooted impression of a space experienced, re-visited and conceived in relation to the landscape. I use a range of tools to explore mark-making, and drew early inspiration from the energetic and unique application of materiality of Terry Setch, David Tress and the work of Anselm Kiefer.

Apart from celebrating the landscapes of Wales, I am always searching for new projects and have made my mark as a Welsh landscape artist exploring the story of Wales. I have completed a series of work on Port Talbot Steelworks and the welsh industrial heritage. I have also taken inspiration from the works of Dylan Thomas and painted scenes inspired by his prose in Laugharne. I am now Living in Bristol and looking at historic walks in Britain. I am currently creating a series of paintings of the River Avon, from Avonmouth to Bath.


Peter Kettle

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Peter Kettle has recently been voted in as a Fellow for the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA).

Peter Kettle’s work has the surfaces of well-worn exterior walls, buffeted and corroded with the appearance of having withstood the effects of time and weather – a technique that gives his work an enlivening combination of stoicism and nostalgia. 

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