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Toni Cogdell

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Degree: BA Hons Fine Art
University: Bath School of Art / Spa University
Graduation Year: 2002

New Blood Art Statement

Toni Cogdell paints portraits of unsaid moments and unseen thoughts, the poetry which resides in daily life and in transitory moments. There is a sense of universality, an interest in the human condition.. “The Water’s Gift” portrays a woman, lost in thought, painted in rich tones which complement and merge with the background. Cogdell’s figures stand in ambiguous settings emphasising an intent focus on the cerebral. Every piece is painted with a carefully balanced palette and distinctive, contemplative composition.

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Artist Statement

As flickers of starlight in a constellation of living bodies, the figures in my paintings are solitary, but not alone. The inward moment they are captured in; their form fusing with paint, marks and textures, acts as a portal to spaces behind knowledge, a sensory sea of feeling, a self beneath our belief of the self. Us, simultaneously set in consciousness and clay. Symbolised in paint are the comforting and familiar objects which reveal themselves through the haze of daily life. A repetition of natural reminders cutting through a technology-driven Age. The horizon in your periphery as you travel. The tree you see every morning unrewardingly standing as the backbone to your inner monologue. City lights floating on water at night, flowers scattered like fallen stars on the land, silhouettes of hills behind buildings, birds, blossom, branches, our own personal talismans of nature and living. Motifs and markers that guide us subliminally. And like the movement of migrating birds we connect. Our dreams and designs launching into the cosmos, gravitating towards kin, leaving invisible threads with which to weave a life. These themes are the crux of my work, meandering across the territory of the Human Condition, exploring the constant dialogue, contrasts and tensions between the lives we lead and the lives we feel, our outer and inner worlds, the spaces between the parts. Exploring our individuation as well as our innate connections to nature, time and ultimately to each other. Telling the story of us from the inside out, through painting. Somewhere between a wish and a call to arms. Toni Cogdell, 2015

Solo Exhibitions

2005, 'The Space Between ' Solo Show, Clarion Contemporary, London

2004, Solo Show, New Gallery, RWA Bristol

2003, Undercurrents, Solo show, Walcot Chapel, Bath 


Group Exhibitions

2017, Psyche, Dreams & Spaces, 2-Person exhibition, Gallery & Barrow, Bath

2017, longlisted for Anthology 2017
2017, Spring Show Gallery Artists, McAllister Thomas, Godalming Surrey

2017, 4-Woman Show Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Identities, Oxford

2017, McAllister Thomas, A Winter Collection, Godalming Surrey

2016, McAllister Thomas Winter Exhibition, Godalming Surrey

2016, Group Exhibition Gallery Launch, Clifton Fine Art, Bristol 

2016, 2016 Summer Exhibition, McAllister Thomas Fine Art, Godalming Surrey

2016, Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead Heath

2016, Looking To The Stars, Hornshaw Gallery Group @ Brick Lane Gallery, London

2016, Ecriture Feminine, Edgar Modern Gallery, Bath

2015, RWA 163rd Open Exhibition, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol

2015, Summer Exhibition, Edgar Modern Gallery, Bath

2015, Affordable Art Fair, London, With Edgar Modern Gallery

2014 / 2015, Black Swan Open

2014, Frome, Somerset

2014, ‘Divine, Define, Feminine’. LondonArt, London

2013, ‘Something Special’ Art auction & exhibition in aid of Joss Searchlight, London

2012, -Outside the Square gallery Group show, Margate, Kent

2012, Black Swan Open Art 2012, Black Swan Arts, Frome

2011, Unsigned Charity Art show & Auction, View Gallery, Bristol

2010, RWA Friends Exhibition, RWA Bristol (2D Selectors’ Choice Winner)

2009, RWA Friends Exhibition, RWA Bristol

2008, RWA Friends Exhibition, Bristol

2006, The Holburne Contemporary Portrait Prize at The Holburne Museum of Art, Bath

2006, 'Identity' Group show at Clarion Contemporary Art, London

2006, 'Bright Days', The Wonderwall Gallery, Cirencester

2005, 'Invited Artist' Malvern Theatres,Curated by The Cowleigh Gallery, Malvern

2005, 'The Space Between ' Solo Show, Clarion Contemporary, London

2005, 'Figure and Space',Clarion Contemporary Art, London

2004, Solo Show, New Gallery, RWA Bristol

2004, RWA 152nd Autumn Open Exhibition, Royal West of England Academy,Bristol

2003, Undercurrents, Solo show, Walcot Chapel, Bath

2003, RWA 151st Autumn Open Exhibition, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol

2003, The Daily Mail's 'Not The Turner Prize' Finalist Show, Mall Galleries, London

2002, RWA Friends Exhibition, RWA, Bristol

2002, 'Comma' Works from Bath School of Art, Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London

2002, Bath School of Art Degree Show, Bath Spa University