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A Very Romantic Clearing by Sophie Baker

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A Very Romantic Clearing

Sophie Baker

55 x 65 cm | 21 x 25 in

Subject: Places/landscapes/interiors
Tags: Woods, Forest, Green, Grass, Lilac, Gentle

Original painting in oil on canvas.

"I've always really loved the idea that a place can be imbued with acts that have been carried out in them, like holding a memory - and that if we as strangers chance upon this place we will know instinctively that something has happened here, although an absurd idea, I love the romance of it, and I see it revisited throughout literature and art again and again - this is a painting is a quiet monument to the possibility of this concept."

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Sophie Baker

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There is a palpable tension and edginess in Sophie Baker’s landscapes. Her deserted frontiers, abandoned quarries and overgrown woodlands bear witness to man’s intrusive activity and impact on the landscape. Her compositions suggest a recent exchange or happening, perhaps uncanny – and an atmosphere of hurried departure, of business unfinished.

The reference to human activity permeates the narrative of her compositions as evidenced in the object abandoned or longed for. There is an element of the ritual of human activity that is undefined, at times sinister and yet somehow portentous, and when figures do appear, they seem lost in thought, unguarded and altogether inextricable from their environment. 

This sense of drama, speaks of man’s ongoing attempt to interact with the land, make sense of it and define it, while being always entranced and consumed by it’s romance.

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