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Sophie Baker

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Degree: MA Fine Art
University: Chelsea College of Art & Design
Graduation Year: 2005

New Blood Art Statement

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There is a palpable tension and edginess in Sophie Baker’s landscapes. Her deserted frontiers, abandoned quarries and overgrown woodlands bear witness to man’s intrusive activity and impact on the landscape. Her compositions suggest a recent exchange or happening, perhaps uncanny – and an atmosphere of hurried departure, of business unfinished.

The reference to human activity permeates the narrative of her compositions as evidenced in the object abandoned or longed for. There is an element of the ritual of human activity that is undefined, at times sinister and yet somehow portentous, and when figures do appear, they seem lost in thought, unguarded and altogether inextricable from their environment. 

This sense of drama, speaks of man’s ongoing attempt to interact with the land, make sense of it and define it, while being always entranced and consumed by it’s romance.

Solo Exhibitions

2013 “Timber”, David David Gallery, London
2011 “Painting from the New World”, Art Jericho, Oxford; Touring to Great Western Studios, London
2010 “Hunting Pan”, Corridor Gallery, London
2007 “New Paintings and Film: Sophie Baker at the Waterpoint”, Waterpoint Gallery, London

Select Group Exhibitions

2015 "Summer Salon" Angus-Hughes Gallery, London
2015 "Deep East Winter", The Mayor’s Parlour, London
2014 “Santa’s Garage”, Hotel Elephant, London
2014 “Print Informs”, The Mayor’s Parlour, London
2013 “Works on paper”, Kings Bench Gallery, London
2012 “Sophie Baker and Paul Vanstone” 10 Gresham St, curated by Vanessa Brady
2011 “Nowheresville” General Hardware Contemporary, Toronto, Canada
2011 “Ruby Ruby”, Online salon
2010 “Matt Roberts Salon”, London
2010 “Hot Boredom”, Art Wars, London
2009 “Prospect Retrospect”, Art Jericho, Oxford
2009 “Show and Tell”, (curator), Paddington Conservative Club, London
2008 “Nature’s Idyll”, Art Jericho, Oxford
2007 “Centerfold”, Zoo Art Fair, London
2007 “Summer Exhibition”, Waterhouse and Dodd, London
2006 “Group Show”, Silwwex House, Quaker Street, London
2005 “Big Makes Me Feel Good”, Chelsea College of Art, London
2004 “Studio Artist’s Show”, London Print Studio, London
2004 “That floating/sinking feeling”, Tudor Rd Studios, London
2004 “Aurbrey House Show”, Aubrey House, London
2004 “New Work”, Kingly Court, London
2003 “Transparent Process”, ICA, film programme
2002 “Museum of Christmas”, Ramsgate