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Mystery by Julia Blackshaw

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Julia Blackshaw

31 x 41 cm | 12 x 16 in

Subject: People
Tags: Black , Feminine, Bikini, Turquoise, Profile, Hat

Original painting in acrylic on canvas primed paper.

"I'm concerned with femininity, the representation of women and the capturing of the emotional moment. I paint people in intimate moments, unguarded as people are at their most vulnerable. Identity is withheld, eyes often hidden and yet emotion still felt. My muted tones speak of these stolen quiet reflective times - a momentary respite in our busy lives."

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Julia Blackshaw

Almost exclusively portraying the female form, Julia Blackshaw aims to capture a moment of calm in her paintings, be it of a solitary hour or a figure deep in a dream. With an outline not dissimilar in approach to Alex Katz, Blackshaw gives us a limited backdrop, employing total focus on the women before us. As the viewer, we observe from afar, studying the female figures that seem lost in their own world. 

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