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Tom Hemming

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Degree: BA Fine Art
University: Byam Shaw School of Art
Graduation Year: 2006

Artist Statement

In my paintings I attempt to express movement. Not so much the movement of a figure or the mechanics of an object passing through space but more the passage of time made visible by a lack of stillness. I see the fluctuation of figures and objects in my paintings as a means to explore the nature of human perception and to engage in a dialogue that has existed throughout the history of painting. Avoiding the description of specific movements or actions I intentionally frustrate the reading of any direct chronology or linear narrative, preferring instead to pursue an emotional intensity though the accumulation of rapidly made gestural marks and constant re-working. My paintings are a deeply personal account of the world around me. All of the figures are either close friends or family members and the paintings are made from video footage I shoot in circumstances where they are relaxed and unguarded. Although the identity of the subject is important to me in the process of making the paintings I don’t necessarily consider it important in the outcome and I don’t consider the paintings to be portraits, rather an attempt to record the sensations of a specific moment in time.

Group Exhibitions

2018, Eyeball Pleasers, Lewisham Arthouse, London

Original works:

Study for Cornish Interior

By Tom Hemming


Cornish Interior

By Tom Hemming


Sunday Morning

By Tom Hemming


Lucy in the Studio Yard IV

By Tom Hemming


Lucy in the Studio Yard II

By Tom Hemming


Lucy in the Studio Yard VIII

By Tom Hemming