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Fragments by Lindsay Mapes

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Fragments (2017)

Lindsay Mapes

55 x 70 cm | 21 x 27 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Colour, Circle, Energy, Pattern, Rich, Busy, Zigzag

Original painting in acrylic, oil paint and graphite on linen.


Lindsay Mapes

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Lindsay was selected for a documentary called ‘Looking for Picasso’. 12 artist from around the world were chosen. An American production, (she is episode 2).
The French critic, Albert Aurier once said that truthful art must never be a direct representation but rather the aim should be to “express ideas, by translating them into a special language”. Lindsay Mapes does just this by transforming, distorting and transcending her experiences into an alphabet of expression. Form, line and colour take precedence in each work and together shape an innate and instinctive pattern. The piece “seeing double” uses transparent layers on re-purposed wooden frames, infused with colourful pattern, each layer adds new depth. Moreover, the wooden frame is made from previous paintings and evoke a sense of time – these past paintings live new lives and are the evidence of, as Mapes expresses, “the process of creation”. The image therefore, takes on sculptural dimensions and Mapes’ interests in colour and creating image through abstracted methods, delve into the realms of pictorial language with insightful dexterity. 

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