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Yui Yan Rosalyn Ng

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Degree: BA Hons Fine Art
University: Chelsea College of Art, London
Graduation Year: 2015

Artist Statement

I am a painter from Hong Kong, graduated from Chelsea College of Art, London in Fine Art. I have lived and worked in London for 6 years before moving back to Hong Kong in 2017.

The process of creating my paintings are moments of personal freedom, pure forms of experimentations that reconnoitre a sense of freedom and reconstruct ambiguous moments. I also work with collage, text and images, though the medium changes, I am never away from looking at the preservation of realities. The intersection between individual imaginary utopian moments and experienced reality. 


Original works:

Clapham Junction no.1

By Yui Yan Rosalyn Ng



Sold Artworks:

Bubble Shooter

By Yui Yan Rosalyn Ng