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25th Apr 2019

Ella Squirrell

Ella Squirrell

Ella graduated last year, was subsequently selected for FBA Futures, awarded a well-respected art residency, the recipient of the Wilhelmina Barns Graham Travel to Italy Award and has undertaken a two month internship in Iceland – all notable achievements within less than 12 months.

Ella has a unique vision, an identifiable style – a deep commitment to her practice – all the qualities you would hope to find in a young investable artist. She says succinctly that she “desires to document not only what is seen in a moment but what is also felt, recalled and understood”. There is a quiet potency and poignancy to her work, capturing the rich sensory nuances of a moment in time, translating them through her pitch perfect compositions and sophisticated colour palette.. it is easy to see why her work has already gained recognition by a number of art world experts, though it’s not so easy to understand why she has yet to see increases.. I’ve no doubt that her work will become increasingly collectable and recommend you take a close look now.

We have large and small scale pieces available from £550 to £1,500.

Read more about Ella’s achievements via the Falmouth University website.

View all available work by Ella, including this piece: Sleeping on the Train

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