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Sea by Michaela Hollyfield

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Sea (2016)

Michaela Hollyfield

25 x 25 cm | 9 x 9 in

Subject: Nature
Tags: Water, Pattern, Layers, Fluid

Original paintng in oil on canvas.

"Painted at the same time as Seal Skin, and place along side it, this painting can be hung in its own right or as a pair with Seal Skin. I wanted this painting to give the feeling that something has happened but we can no longer see what it is, and that they mystery of the event lies within the Sea. (The imagined event for me as the painter being perhaps diving in and joining the seals......)."


Michaela Hollyfield

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Michaela Hollyfield creates ambiguous landscapes using an intuitive style. Dark, moon kissed colour emanates from the work. Rushing brush strokes wield themselves through the canvas  and create organic shapes suggesting forests or a fox wreathed in a ravine of colour. Hollyfield paints atmospheric mountains, doused in quiet hues whilst another work portrays a forest as night befalls, trees stand stark against the electric blues of midnight. This journey through imagined landscapes lends the work an elusive quality, which remains captivating through the rich use of colour and the painterly attention to form.

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