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Date Strings in Blue by Kira Phoenix K'inan

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Date Strings in Blue (2020)

Kira Phoenix K'inan

32 x 32 cm | 12 x 12 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Blue, Glass, Abstract, Line

Limited edition sculpture in mixed media on board in a total edition of 1.

Unique glass relief sculpture made in kiln cast glass.  

"While I was a Masters student at the Royal College of Art I explored traditional glass techniques and translated them into a contemporary series of glass sculptures. I developed a unique technique of low relief drawing - a Relief Drawing Technique, where I carve directly into a plaster sheet and cast each piece using fine ground glass. Each piece can be displayed on the wall. Work is sold with hanging instructions."

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Kira Phoenix K'inan

You might find yourself wondering what kind of insect wove such divinely intricate webs. However, these splendidly spun creations fell from the fingertips of Kira Phoenix K’inan - a young London-based artist. K’inan graduated from The Royal college of Art with a degree in Glass and Ceramics. 

Inspired by painters such as Kurt Schwitters and Umberto Boccioni, she has developed her own unique style of low relief drawing that treads the line between sculpture and sketch. By carving directly into plaster sheets, K’inan has the rare ability to cast her artwork using very fine ground glass – rendering work that is, essentially, painting with glass.

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