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Full Circle by James Matthew O'connell

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Full Circle

James Matthew O'connell

120 x 190 cm | 47 x 74 in

Subject: Objects/still Life
Tags: Hyper-Realist, Metallic, Reflective (Surface), Minimal, Balance

Original painting in oil on panel.

"I see paint as a potential vehicle to offer respite. Within each work there is a tension between rationality; viewing the surface of the painting as a flat image, and the irrational; considering the pictorial plane as window to itself, looking inwards. At this point, illusion resides as a form of deceiving the viewer and challenging what it thought to be true." 
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James Matthew O'connell

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James O’Connell uses the passage of time as a subject matter for his work. The repetitive mixing of colour, loading of the brush and application of paint is a response to today’s acceleration of culture and images and a way to dislodge visual conventions, thus demanding greater space, time and attention. “I often think about Cezanne’s comment, ‘one must see nature as no one has seen it before’, in response to post-industrialism and the changes in our visual experiences, especially now in the digital age.” The intention is to create an object that is both immersive and romantic in terms of contemporary escapism.

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