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Empress by Sean Madden (Uk)

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Empress (2016)

Sean Madden (Uk)

60 x 40 cm | 23 x 15 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Blue, Expressive, Red, Orange, Energy, Gestural

Mixed media painting on canvas.

"Abstract styled piece conveying positive moods of energy, colour and composition. influences include Karel Apel, Cobra and post expressionism."


Sean Madden (Uk)

Describing his artistic approach as 3-D collage, the multidisciplinary artist Sean Madden explores and creates elemental hybrids that culminate in powerful sculptural forms. Constructing small-scale sculptures, Madden counteracts their modest size with signals of power, vigour and strength, taking heed from cartoonish figurines, aerodynamic principles and historical symbols of fortitude and tenacity.

Exploring both the medium as much as the subject matter, Madden presents his bronze-cast statuettes often in a rough, textured finish, implying an Expressionist emphasis of the material and surface as seminal to the oft-imposing forms. With titles that range from Epic to Supernature, Madden’s work is an embrace of the fearless and brave.

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