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Drifting by Lisa Pettersson

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Drifting (2017)

Lisa Pettersson

27 x 35 cm | 10 x 13 in

Subject: Animals
Tags: Colour, Flight, Origami

Original painting in acrylic and pen on textured art paper.

"Near my family home in Sweden is a lake where tens of thousands of cranes gather every spring to 'dance'. A symbol in many cultures, to me the crane represents a migrating bird: Recently much of my work relate to being a migrant myself, assessing the personal notions of journey, roots, home and belonging. I also find that I think of them in the suddenly painful context of the refugee crisis, Brexit and so on."

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Lisa Pettersson

Pettersson’s work bridges fine art and graphic design, and habitually explores how what is personal and innermost is shaped by public notions, and public instruments, of sentiment. Her most recent works are inspired by 50s children’s’ book illustrations, and are jerked into modernity with compelling results. Pettersson’s work is widely sought after; her paintings are held in private collections in the UK, Sweden, Holland, France, USA, Vietnam, Australia and Hong Kong.

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