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Summah Longley

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Degree: Fine Art: Printmaking
University: University of Brighton
Graduation Year: 2019

New Blood Art Statement

2019 has birthed a new way of looking at waste; we no longer perceive our old jam jars, hubcaps, and bottle tops as utilitarian entities. Young visionary, Summah Longley, can be seen steamrollering forwards in this age of consumerist awareness by creating some of the most eye-catching and empowering works centring around that weighty proverb: ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’.

Longley’s braille-esque creations walk a tight rope between visceral art and poetry. This Brighton trained artist re-purposes scrap metal within her work - punches words out of the rusted surface, creating compelling poems in the waste.

Artist Statement

My practice is dichotomised by poetic sensibility and an interest in outward dialogue. With text as the central medium, I am utilising large, metal pieces, combining the heavy material with prose, and contrastingly an interest in intangible dialogue and communication. The monolithic steel and the quietness of the text, oppose allowing for a sense of gravity in the message. In essence, to stimulate dialogue regarding issues around our humanity, social engagement and current issues. 

Both Grant H Kester’s Conversation Pieces, Jeremy Deller’s and Robert Montgomery’s interest in dialogical and collaborative practices have heavily informed my practice. Specifically, their connection to an audience outside of the gallery. I want my work to create questions and dialogue in the audience and create an opportunity to share ideas and opinions. I intend the work to reflect both on the emotive and artful as well as the speculative and interactive, simultaneously and in contrast to each other.

Group Exhibitions

2019, Graduate Show, University of Brighton, Brighton
2018, Artist's Takeover, SILO, Brighton
2017, Landing, Landing Gallery, University of Brighton, Brighton
2017, Methodolgy of the Edition: 50X50=75, Edward Street, University of Brighton, Brighton

Original works:

From Summer

By Summah Longley


From Scrapyard

By Summah Longley