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Morag Caister

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Degree: Painting
University: University of Brighton
Graduation Year: 2019

Artist Statement

I paint about the relationships I have with people I've never met, what I feel for them and what I know about them intuitively from the perspective of another human. My interest is in the study of human nature, and I am careful not to criticise but to just show the things I have some kind of a reaction to.  I use loose marks and lines to map out things that are uncertain and moving, like time, lifespans and emotions.

Zooming in on an area of a pattern can be fascinating but the closer you go the more separated things get from the original context until it is linked back up with the whole thing, and when studying people I'm considering them as a part of a bigger thing. By painting someone I am wanting to show them with their whole, or by focusing on a moving crowd of I am wanting to catch a segment of everything-at-the-same-time-ness. I'm keen to keep the work within reach of that original context, which is what keeps it semi-figurative. 

Group Exhibitions

2019, Free Range, Truman Brewery, London
2019, Degree Show, Grande Parade Gallery, Brighton
2019, Material Practices, Hove Museum, Hove
2018, Conjecture, Grande Parade Gallery, Brighton

Original works:

Shock Process

By Morag Caister


Hear you through a lake

By Morag Caister


Vacant Station Feeling

By Morag Caister


Quiet Close Up

By Morag Caister


Heart comes through for unknow...

By Morag Caister


Late For School With Things On...

By Morag Caister


Perception cloud

By Morag Caister


Sold Artworks:

Too close to read

By Morag Caister