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Morag Caister

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Degree: Painting
University: University of Brighton
Graduation Year: 2019

Artist Statement

There is something about the movement of people in busy cities and in places like train stations that has always struck a chord with me, it could be because I have a inbuilt connection to them for reasons such as spending a lot of time on train journeys to and from London growing up, but this isn’t what I have directly in mind when I feel what I feel whilst observing these crowds and their movements and progressions. It’s something in the study of the patterns and frequencies in these natural orders, I am thinking of the people that I’m looking at, the behaviour of this species - they are always tainted with a tender tightness that I feel in my stomach, and I'm aware that I attach this to them. When you focus on a particular part of one pattern, it can fascinate you and pull you in but then can start to appear strange and not make much sense until it is linked back up with the whole, and I see people as a part of one giant thing. By painting people directly, one on one, I am trying to show them with their inevitable but invisible whole, and when I am painting a moving crowd of people I am trying to capture a blurred segment of that pattern of everything-at-the-same-time-ness that I feel such a bond with, and can be reflected everywhere and recognised in everything. Hyperstimulation, over-crowdedness and information overload are usual themes in my work.

Group Exhibitions

2019, Free Range, Truman Brewery, London
2019, Degree Show, Grande Parade Gallery, Brighton
2019, Material Practices, Hove Museum, Hove
2018, Conjecture, Grande Parade Gallery, Brighton

Original works:

Shock Process

By Morag Caister


Hear You Through a Lake (1)

By Morag Caister


Vacant Station Feeling

By Morag Caister


Quiet Close Up

By Morag Caister


Instant Malfunction (2)

By Morag Caister