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Lily Senner

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Degree: BA Fine Art
University: Newcastle University
Graduation Year: 2019

New Blood Art Statement

Enjoy an upbeat and abstract celebration of colour in the uplifting work of modern day Pop Artist Lily Senner. Senner’s art is a glamorous exploration of ‘memory, half-remembered and half-imagined,’ and invites the viewer to experience glorious unreality. 

Senner’s vibrant palette conjures electrifying Pop Art to celebrate the entreating subject: moments only half lost. Take for example, ‘Midnight Swim,’ the fundamental form of which takes the shape of a swimming pool under the moonlight. The swimming pool has been remembered as a kaleidoscopic dreamscape; captured using Senner’s diverse array of marks and chameleon-colours. Her vibrant - near neon palette and the blissful spirit of the work call to mind Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes. Lily cites David Hockney as one of her greatest influences - and this homage runs through her work - particularly in her choice of clean-contoured suburban landscapes, a number of which feature swimming pools and call to mind Hockney’s famed Swimming Pools series. 

Original works:

Midnight Swim

By Lily Senner


Pink Swim

By Lily Senner


Pink Stairs Green Trees

By Lily Senner



By Lily Senner


Sold Artworks:

Starry Night

By Lily Senner