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Kathryn Johnson

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Degree: BA Painting
University: Gray's School of Art
Graduation Year: 2019

New Blood Art Statement

Be pulled deeper and deeper, into the atmospheric terrains of Kathryn Johnson. A recent graduate from Gray’s School of Art, Johnson’s deft understanding of her palette, coupled with her unique talent, gives way to a number of radiant canvases. 

Johnson, deals with the beautiful and broad topic: ’things bigger than yourself...’ Therefore, she often tends to lean towards the loveliness of nature, and the uplifting emotional impact nature can have on the soul. She takes her ’bigger than yourself...’ motif to heart in her latest piece, Searching For Snow. A sprawling oil on linen, the work measures 140 x 180 cm and makes for a magnificent feature piece depicting the misty Scottish Highlands. 

It's a real treat when an artist understands their work and palette like Johnson does, the payoff is spectacular. She layers lavender, cerise, and palest blue, to create this impression of an emotion and a conversation.

Embark, with Kathryn Johnson upon her fantastical mountain trail...

Artist Statement

The sensations of being in nature are what my paintings revolve around; being surrounded by things bigger than yourself. Although initially it may seem like I strive for beauty within my work, I only try to capture the effects nature can have on a person, which are often exhilaration, joy and exhaustion. I strive for a balance between the actuality of the landscape we see in front of us and the one we feel and remember. Using restricted, close palettes, I aim for the image to go in and out of focus - for you to be caught looking deeper and deeper into its meaning. 

My days exploring the mountains in Scotland, Wales and California have so far been the fuel to my work. Exploring new terrains always brings a new perspective to my practice. Back in the studio, my process of reading, drawing and colour studies are essential to building up the layers that become the finished painting.

Group Exhibitions

2019, Degree Show, Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen, Scotland
2019, Pre-degree Painting, St Margaret's House, Edinburgh, Scotland
2018, Como Zero Gravity, Hilton Lake Como, Como, Italy
2018, An Exhibition Yet To Be Titled, OT Projektraum, Berlin, Germany

Competitions, Prizes & Awards

2019, J. Gordon Brown Memorial Painting Prize

Original works:

Snow Study

By Kathryn Johnson


The Beginning

By Kathryn Johnson


Searching for Snow

By Kathryn Johnson


Sold Artworks:

'Night-time Truths'

By Kathryn Johnson


A Thousand Reflections

By Kathryn Johnson


The 19th Day

By Kathryn Johnson



By Kathryn Johnson