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Charlie Yates

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Degree: Painting and Printmaking
University: Glasgow School of Art
Graduation Year: 2019

Artist Statement

My name is Charlie Yates. I am a Scottish Artist based in Glasgow and Edinburgh. I work in oil paint, on a variety of materials such as plywood and board. My practice is driven by my reflections on journeys of discovery I have embarked upon, over recent years. I aim to reflect on the subjective experiences that have influenced me by drawing ideas from them. My memories helped me to develop concepts and thoughts, which then manifest within my artwork. My work is made up of observations and partially recalled places, objects and memories in the form of sketches, photographs and recordings, both written and verbal nature. I re-contextualize these experiences by translating them into sketches, which develop into paintings. This fragmented nature is apparent within the artwork. I recently discovered Lambay, a private island off of the East coast of Dublin. On my trip, I came across an abandoned Real tennis court. I was alone for a week by my self, the desolate nature of this place heightened my own sense of isolation. The Real Tennis Court is an example of the architect, Edwin Lutyen’s places of romanticism. Constructed with stone and reinforced concrete the walls over time have reacted with the salt water. I was attracted to its isolated and derelict beauty. This encouraged me sketch out architectural drawings to focus on the construction of the space, which I then reflect through my paintings.

Original works:

Untitled (Lambay)

By Charlie Yates


Dedans Penthouse

By Charlie Yates



By Charlie Yates



By Charlie Yates


The Real Tennis Court III

By Charlie Yates