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26th Jan 2018

Artists as Curators: Nicola Wiltshire’s – New Blood Art Eight

It’s rather wonderful to see how artists collect art – which artists they choose to collect, are inspired by and want to surround themselves with. Artists are curators by nature, so to see their collections, curated with their particular aesthetic vision – is a real treat.. With this in mind, we’ll be bringing to you a series of curated collections by artists at New Blood Art – the first of which comes from Nicola Wiltshire:

My New Blood Art Eight by Nicola Wiltshire

I’ve recently moved my studio to my home, so I find it more important than ever to surround myself with colours and objects that inspire me. I love buying second hand lamps, leafy houseplants and growing my collection of art.

Here are seven New Blood Art pieces I would love to have in my home, alongside one of my own pieces:

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 13.48.32
Pink Pond by Julie-Ann Simpson. £320. 42 x 28cm
I’ve never met Julie-Ann, but both living in Scotland, we’ve been in group exhibitions together, so I have come to know her work. I own three of her paintings now and love the uplifting colours she uses, plus the way her textural surfaces catch the light. Julie-Ann uses Michael Harding paint, so I can be confident her bright colours will last.


Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 13.55.54
The Serpent by Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf. £500. 20 x 26cm
I came across Rebecca’s beautiful paintings at an exhibition in London in 2013 and have followed her work since. Of all her paintings, I would add The Serpent to my collection. It’s not typical of her work, but its darkness would be empowering to live with. At £500, it’s an affordable way to invest in her work.


Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 13.59.16
Balzac Centipetal by Rob Lyon. £300. 29 x 34cm.
My next choice would be a still life by Rob Lyon. I like his painting Dank, but Balzac Centipetal is my favourite. The colours are vibrant, but gentle. I would love to hang it on light walls close to something made of crimson velvet.


Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 14.02.05
Night’s Glow by Aiden Milligan. £225. 30 x 23cm
I love Aiden Milligan’s paintings and Night’s Glow is a perfect example of his style. On one level this piece a practical size and the colours would be great to live with, but beyond that there’s a story there waiting for the viewer to unfold. His paintings remind me of everyday life but with more aura, which is exactly what a painting should be for.

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 14.15.55

The Herd by Paris Foot. £375. 54 x 53cm.

I love this painting. It’s quirky and would bring a smile to my face every day. The colours are relaxing and the simple palette means it could move room to room throughout the years. I haven’t been to Morocco, but my sister has so it reminds me of her too.

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 14.21.57
Wild Space 3 by Diane Rogan. £520. 65 x 95cm
Part of the reason I paint on fabric is because I dislike the way shop-bought canvases look from the side. You can see from Diane’s photo that she paints on good quality linen. I absolutely love the drippy sides and would enjoy viewing this piece from every angle. The painting reminds me so much of living in London. Especially walking the perimeter of the Olympic Park whilst it was under construction.


Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 14.27.49
Cool Memories by Ed Saye. £950. 66 x 91cm.
Cool Memories is one of the most beautiful paintings on New Blood Art. Everything about it is stunning, but I particularly love Ed’s gentle balance of bright colours. It’s a large painting that’s ready to hang, so a great price from an artist who is clearly dedicated to his career.

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 14.31.57
Colours of The Night Forest by Nicola Wiltshire. 72 x 57cm. £525
The last painting I would add to this collection is one of my own. It’s titled Colours Of The Night Forest and is inspired by the cool blue light that pours over the world at dusk. Painted on a floral patterned fabric by Liberty of London, this piece almost creates an illusion of depth in the way the light reflects differently off the charcoal, fabric and oil paint. I enjoy paintings that unravel a story over time, which I hope to have achieved here in a painting that is at once calming, magical and bizarre.

I hope you have enjoyed my New Blood Art Eight.

Thanks for reading!


Yellow Corner Paintings Living Room Lamp Columbo
A corner of Nicola’s home

icola Wiltshire

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