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Where is release by Emma Doig

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Where is release

Emma Doig

0 x 0 cm | 0 x 0 in

Subject: People

Original oil painting on board.


Emma Doig

The immediacy of Emma Doig’s work is captivating. Fluid forms blend and escape us, the figural images twisting to and fro in enigmatic vivid expressions. Violent, tempestuous movements are tamed with sympathetic hues which vanish into the background complimenting the urgency and spontaneity of the works. As if breaking free of chains the figures dance and swing, becoming unbound from invisible cocoons. Through an intuitive painterly style the work mimics the cathartic experience of acting on impulse, of becoming truly extemporaneous. In doing so, the work itself compels liberating responses and cleansing notions of freedom.

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