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Spotty Dress by Theresa Reilly-Cooper

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Spotty Dress

Theresa Reilly-Cooper

21 x 30 cm | 8 x 11 in

Subject: People

'Spotty Dress' is an original drawing in pencil on paper. Theresa Reilly-Cooper is primarily interested in people and clothes that are different or alternative in some way. She is also interested in how clothes and people work together, the way in which they alter each other. How clothes affect someone's presence, and how the human body alters the physical dimensions of garments. Negative space also plays a large role in her portraits. She is very interested in suggesting things without actually drawing them.


Theresa Reilly-Cooper

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Theresa Reilly-Cooper's pencil drawings explore the possibility of representation and figuration while obliterating parts of the image – sometimes the head, sometimes the entire figure – with precise assurance. The drawings achieve an extreme and expressive economy, but they are most wonderful for their lack of staginess and their frankness.

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