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Segments by Jade Sturrock

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Segments (2017)

Jade Sturrock

38 x 56 cm | 14 x 22 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Colour, Bodily, Abstract, Ambiguous, Amorphous

Original mixed media painting in watercolour on watercolour paper.

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Jade Sturrock

Jade Sturrock is a Glasgow based artist specialising in painting and printmaking. Her current work revolves around the cultural construction of the female body and identity. By creating bold, multi – layered works she questions the kinds of idealistic images of women seen in advertising, whilst favouring the body’s sensual and biological elements. Through a use of abstraction, the figures seem to morph into one another and the boundaries between internal and external are blurred. Rather than seeing the body as a singular, restrictive means by which to define beauty, Jade treats it as an ever developing entity and suggests that there can be beauty found in imperfection. Her use of vibrant and emotive colour brings the body into a more positive realm of depiction and makes parallels with the natural, organic world.

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