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KIOSK by Jo Hummel

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KIOSK (2017)

Jo Hummel

76 x 76 cm | 29 x 29 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Collage, Pop Art, Explosive, Orange, Circle, Vibrant

Original waterbased collage on St Cuthbert's Mill Waterford Saunders watercolour paper presented in a bespoke hard wood frame stained white (unglazed).

"Kiosk is part of my new series named 'Esplanade'. For me this is the most important work in my career to date as it explores the intricacies of my own childhood growing up in an isolated coastal tourist destination. I've revisited the places I spent time as a teenager who liked to explore abandoned seaside fairs and locked up kiosks in the grey winter months. I've reinterpreted the bright pastel coastal colours or graphic shapes sourced from the memories of fun rides, windbreaks and ice cream advertising together with the eery solitude of winter."

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Jo Hummel

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For Joanne Hummel-Newell, mark making and its deviation from cognitive processes can create a candid outcome. It is a particularly generous enterprise, as Hummell- Newell allows the space in her work for found artefacts, bearing the traces of another’s hand. An array of references, a near synaesthesiac grasp on the world and a multitude of conceptual interests cohere in these elegant and minimalist compositions brimming with energy.

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