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Holocene XII | Oil on Hemp by Colette Lavette

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Holocene XII | Oil on Hemp (2020)

Colette Lavette

45 x 64 cm | 17 x 25 in

Subject: People
Tags: Prehistoric, Earth Colours, Neutral Palette, Evolution, Earth

Original painting in oil on paper.


Colette Lavette

Throughout art history artists have been reflecting on the nature of life.. take Gaugin’s painting for example:Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?  

Similarly, an authentic, existential and earthly thread runs through the subject and materiality of work by new artist Colette LaVette. LaVette uses sustainable and ethical (cruelty free) oil paints which she makes herself, working on bamboo and other sustainable natural papers. Through her sensitive practice the artist navigates her way back to the essence of the organic world, expressing her own esoteric and beautifully tender portrayal of our relationship with the universe.

Stylistically she embraces classical elements, elegantly fused with aspects of a more modernist approach. Her colour palette - neutrals, ethereal pinks, ochre, violets, grey and earthy reds…


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