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A Thousand Li by Sara Willett

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A Thousand Li (2015)

Sara Willett

200 x 150 cm | 78 x 59 in

Subject: Nature
Tags: Mountains, Intricate, Gold, Pattern

Original painting in oil on board.

"I started this piece during my residency this summer in the Da Wang arts centre in South China. It was influenced by the extraordinary landscape of the surrounding Wu Tong mountain range. I also reference the 'blue and green' landscape painting of the Song dynasty particularly Wang Ximeng's masterpiece 'A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains'. This piece has been selected by Richard Deacon for inclusion in the prestigious, Creekside Open, at APT Gallery in London 2015."


Sara Willett

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Willett’s paintings are visually mesmerizing, tonal paintings that emerge from what seems like an endearing and hopeful obsessive compulsion – a visual ambiguity is manifest. The finished effect is like watching continually moving shoals of fish or swarming insects. Sara Willett’s paintings are held in collections in the UK and throughout the world, and her work has been featured in A-N magazine. 

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