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A call from Astrid by Madeline Rolt

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A call from Astrid (2020)

Madeline Rolt

56 x 61 cm | 22 x 24 in

Subject: People

Original painting in acrylic on wood.

Materials used: Acrylic and gouache paint on plywood

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Madeline Rolt

Rolt’s work is primarily concerned with shaping and creating narratives. Her work – whether it be paintings, prints, sculptures, zines or installation – tell stories in small portions and fragments. It is the story that comes first and the appropriate medium from Rolt’s large repertoire chosen to best suit it. She’s inspired by all different aspects of life so her work can range from musing on the pleasant and ordinary, to the more emotional and upsetting. Whatever the inspiration however, her work is certainly not mundane. She has a specific style that makes her work quickly identifiable, one that sits between the charming and the slightly unsettling. One of the biggest joys of her work however is the different stories the viewer can find in the artwork every time they return to it. 

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