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Posted May 11, 2018 by New Blood Art

Degree Shows – 2018

The degree shows are a culmination of art students work over the course of their degree studies. This time of year Sarah scouts for exciting emerging artists to showcase on the website. Keep an eye on the new work section on the website to see new up and coming artists work as they are discovered and […]

Posted September 1, 2017 by New Blood Art

Artists & Studios: Jasmine Mills

“I am painter who creates landscapes from imagination and memory to evoke a feeling of familiarity. Oils are used to build up layers of repeating shapes until a setting emerges. Each loaded brush mark appears to be caught by fluorescent traces of light, creating a sensory overload. Ominous figures can be found lurking in the […]

Posted July 6, 2017 by New Blood Art

Nicola Wiltshire – Studio insights

You may have read about Nicola Wiltshire recently in The Guardian, where she was named as an “artist to watch” (May 2017). She was also been described as “One of the most exciting young artists in Britain” by the curator at Hartlepool Art Gallery (October 2016). Nicola graduated in 2015 and has already had her first solo show, […]

Posted April 26, 2017 by New Blood Art

Zoe Hoare’s Stages of Working

Zoe Hoare’s Stages of Working Stage 1: I made a large paper wall relief out of Fabriano Paper. Everything that was cut was then re-attached to the wall Stage 2: I photographed this and printed the image with an industrial-sized printer. I cut back into this, cutting everything out that was orginally cut out in […]

Posted January 22, 2017 by New Blood Art

Artists & Studios: Toni Cogdell

“As flickers of starlight in a constellation of living bodies, the figures in my paintings are solitary, but not alone. The inward moment they are captured in; their form fusing with paint, marks and textures, acts as a portal to spaces behind knowledge, a sensory sea of feeling, a self beneath our belief of the […]

Posted February 6, 2016 by Rebecca Fontaine Wolf

‘Cycles of Desire’ Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf’s solo show

Cycles of desire / an exploration of desire, lack and mortality through the female form.  This was the first of two solo shows I have coming up this year. The opportunity to use an entire Gallery space to show a body of work is valuable on many different levels, but for me, at this stage in […]

Posted February 5, 2016 by New Blood Art

Artists & Studios: Lindsay Mapes

“I am concerned with the visual and conceptual aspects of erasure, obfuscation, obstruction and secrecy. My work is largely autobiographical – borne from memories, conversations and experiences..”            

Posted December 2, 2015 by Sophia

Artists & Studios: Teo Klein- Velderman

“I have lived in a city most my life and painting offers me a place to exist in beyond the urban. Marks, signs and symbols from around me are appropriated to create this different space…” – Teo Klein-Velderman

Posted by Sophia

Artists & Studios: Orlanda Broom

“My paintings are lush and colourful landscapes that exist as part of a fantastical, re-imagined place. I have applied a hyper, saturated view of the world and the scenes I paint make no reference to human or animal existence.” – Orlanda Broom      

Posted by Sophia

Artists & Studios: David OM

“I seek to instil a pure sense of wonder in my work that will guide the viewer to tap into the awe of the sublime and transport the individual…” – David OM