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02nd Mar 2013

Window into the World of Scott Whiteman

1) How and when do you start your day?

My working day will often start by setting up my working space.

2) Tell us about your studio or working space.

I do not have a studio, so a corner of a room next to some patio doors is where I work – either at an easel, or at my improvised drawing board, depending on what I am working on


3) Where do you find your inspiration?

Before beginning to paint I try and find some music to work to. I can often find inspiration from the songs of my favourite artists. I am also inspired by the forms of animals, and the mood of an unspoilt landscape, and try and meld these with studies from the human form, in order to express thoughts or visions generated in my imagination. I also write and illustrate books, and themes and ideas from these permeate into my oil paintings.

4) Where do you go to re-charge when you’re feeling uninspired?

When I am feeling in need of a ‘re-charge’ I get as far away from the city as I can. This will often mean a drive to the Mendip hills or Brecon Beacons, and a long walk through some steep mud



5) What can’t you get through the day without?

Tea. It calms me and wakes me up at the same time.

6) How do you know when an artwork is finished?

I will normally have to live with an artwork for a few weeks before I know it is finished. I will often feel satisfied with a work after the first session of painting, only for a nagging ‘what if I did this..?’ to grow into a complete re-working of the piece.

7) Do you feel an emotional attachment to your work? How do you feel about selling a piece and letting it go?

I like the fact that somebody else appreciates my work enough to purchase it, and am happy for somebody else to enjoy it.

8. Can you remember when you realised you were an artist? Describe the moment if possible.

I had left uni with an Illustration degree, I had moved to Bristol with some friends, I managed to get a job working in a bookshop, which then closed. Before it did, I was donated a lot of mount board. I began to paint, not as the fulfilment of any brief or academic requirement, but because I was inspired and wanted to push myself as an artist.

9) When are you happiest?

 As an artist I am happiest when a work is in its expressive form, it holds a potential, a secret weight known only to me.

10) How and when do you end the day?

When the daylight fades colours change. I am sometimes driven to work well beyond the daylight hours, but ordinarily this is not the case.

See inside the studio

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