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22nd Aug 2019

Creative creatures

For centuries a beautiful harmony between creatives and creatures has been forming. This space is dedicated to memories of famous artists and the animals they shared their studios with and our artists and their studio pets…

Pictured here, Pablo Picasso embracing his much loved sausage-dog, Lump. Picasso went on to re-imagine Lump in a number of famous paintings and sketches.

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A moment’s respite for Georgia O’Keeffe and her Chow Chows.


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Kadinsky captured with his cat


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It’s reported that Ai Weiwei actually has up to 40 cats in his studio in Beijing.


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Edward Gorey, with his cat companions

NewBloodArt Artists and their studio animals:

Ollie, Nina Stallwood’s (now sadly departed) studio companion, who loved to watch her paint.

Ella Squirrell with her studio sitter Ernest

Orlanda Broom’s studio pup Stinky in training

Orlanda Broom’s pup Stinky


Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf’s studio cat Tommi

Willow, courtesy of Rosemary Burn. Willow is known to her family for her paintbrush thievery… Willow also featured in one of Rosemary’s latest pieces, Waiting for something, which is available to buy through New Blood Art.

Waiting for something – by Rosemary Burn, featuring The Wonderful Willow.


An intensely intrigued Luna, inspecting the work of Sakura Hochegger.


These lazing lovelies, Bubble (left) and Soda (right), are the treasures of Yui Yan Rosalyn Ng.


Jade Sturrock’s moustachioed mog, Loki, who Jade says enjoys ‘helping’ her in her studio pursuits wherever he can…

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