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02nd Dec 2015

Artists & Studios: David OM

“I seek to instil a pure sense of wonder in my work that will guide the viewer to tap into the awe of the sublime and transport the individual…”

– David OM

David Om 03

David Om 01

David Om 02

David Om 04

2 Responses

Ian Mottram

26th Jul 2019

Hi David,

I recently took delivery of ‘Earthrise’. I now own 5 of your paintings. The painting looks fantastic on the wall. However the certificate names the painting as ‘Earthrise 2’ rather than ‘Earthrise’ as on the new blood website. The certificate is not signed and dated by you. Would it be possible to send a signed and dated certificate with the ‘Earthrise’ name? It is sequenced as Painting is Infinite 73 on the certificate so I am assuming that this is ‘Earthrise’ and not ‘Earthrise 2’.

Kind Regards,

Ian Mottram

Kind Regards,

Ian Mottram


05th Aug 2019

Dear Ian,
Apologies for the certificate error.
I’m currently in Australia but will prepare a new certificate for you as soon as I return to the UK.
Best Wishes,

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