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Yellow Ribbon (2016)

Emma Copley

30 x 40 cm | 11 x 14 in

Subject: People
Tags: Yellow, Interior, Domestic, Kitchen, Hair, Back, Pale Blue

Original painting in oil on wood panel.

"I paint these glimpses into my everyday life quickly. In this painting I was trying to explore colour and wanted the yellow ribbon and butter to be the main focus."

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Emma Copley

Familiarity invites us into the work of Emma Copley. Landscapes and domestic family life are painted with an expressive, impasto flair and flaunt a dexterous colour palette. The paintings seem like an extension of Copley, who uses memory as subject, reflecting on each scene as she paints - infusing each piece with emotional resonance. Interiors and exteriors are painted with the same intuitive handling and as such evoke a sense of belonging.

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