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Urban by Gemma Blain

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Urban (2015)

Gemma Blain

55 x 90 cm | 21 x 35 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Broad Brushstrokes, Blue, Grey, Abstract

Original painting in oil on canvas.

"Produced at the end of 2015, the concept behind this body of work, and in this painting was the whole theme around 'urban vs rural'. How the synthetic colours of the urban are covered up with the earthy tones of the rural and natural organic tones. Fragmented with mark making and brushstrokes."


Gemma Blain

Gemma Leanne’s work involves the enigmatic dialogue between the tangible world around us and artistic expression. Leanne uses layers of paint and abstract forms to build a range of evocative  atmospheres. The minimalized landscapes dreamily spur soporific rivers or twist viewers through woeful storms. Impetuous splatters and sculptural layers of paint invite viewers to soak in these melancholic emotive and ethereal surroundings. Bewitching use of colour lends realistic renditions of seascape qualities whilst whimsical abstraction creates a subtle, suggestive landscape. The evanescence of memory seems to whisper through these pieces, revealing hidden depths of artist’s own experience. 

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