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Untitled (Legs) by Sonja De Graaf

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Untitled (Legs)

Sonja De Graaf

70 x 50 cm | 27 x 19 in

Subject: People
Tags: Seductive, Interior, Voyeur, Beauty, Legs, Undressing

Original drawing in watercolour on paper.

Cit. Lolita, Nabokov. [And less than six inches from me and my burning life, was nebulous Lolita! After a long stirless vigil, my tentacles moved towards her again, and this time the creak of the mattress did not awake her. I managed to bring my ravenous bulk so close to her that I felt the aura of her bare shoulder like a warm breath upon my cheek. And then, she sat up, gasped, muttered with insane rapidity something about boats, tugged at the sheets and lapsed back into her rich, dark, young unconsciousness. As she tossed, within that abundant flow of sleep, recently auburn, at present lunar, her arm struck me across the face. For a second I held her. She freed herself from the shadow of my embrace--doing this not consciously, not violently, not with any personal distaste, but with the neutral plaintive murmur of a child demanding its natural rest. And again the situation remained the same: Lolita with her curved spine to Humbert, Humbert resting his head on his hand and burning with desire and dyspepsia.]

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Sonja De Graaf

Sonja de Graaf’s paintings swell with bella figura; aesthetic forms and dancing gestures celebrate youth, beauty and energy. Photographic sources become animated by paint and flavoursome textures are re-rendered with broad sweeps of colour.

De Graaf’s zest for life is evident in her painting. This Dutch artist honed her skills at LABA Academy of Fine Arts, Florence, and then as assistant to the renowned installation artist, Vittorio Corsini.

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