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Untitled (Grey plus muted colours) by Janine Hall

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Untitled (Grey plus muted colours) (2019)

Janine Hall

76 x 40 cm | 29 x 15 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Water, Reflections, Meditation, Abstract, Muted

Original painting in acrylic on board.

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Janine Hall

Artist selected to exhibit at FBA Futures 2017  and accepted into the RWA show – Drawn 2017 & ING Discerning Eye 2018.

A flicker of light averts our attention to the ceiling, we become lost in its glittering embrace, the sun shifts and it’s gone. Janine Hall is concerned with the transient and elusive nature of light. The ‘Light Series’, can be seen as that moment when light peers through the shadows and, before our eyes adjust, throws colour out to reach us. Red, blue, yellow wildly scream across the canvas, there is no vantage point, no legible shape – only the colour that presents itself through the crossing of light and shadow. Hall’s expressive translation of light is seductive, it encapsulates the moment that light doesn’t always make sense. As it may be, we look out the window and the stars of daylight twinkle across the glass. These works encompass that moment and more, they remind us of those pleasant moments when light turns our vision into an abstraction.

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