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Untitled (Drawings #1) by Molly Kent

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Untitled (Drawings #1) (2020)

Molly Kent

42 x 30 cm | 16 x 11 in

Subject: Abstract

Original drawing in ink on watercolour paper.

Materials used: Alcohol ink, gesso, watercolour paper

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Molly Kent

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Kent’s internationally exhibited work relies on paradox and is designed to overwhelm. On the one hand it incorporates organic shapes and soft fabrics as she works with labour-intensive traditional crafting practices. However, on the other its content is highly influenced by the Glitch Art aesthetic with acidic colours and short phrases that have a strong and disruptive presence. Kent’s love for craft shows and the work can be seen to represent the modern preoccupation of the tensions between said craft and art. This only continues as her work wishes to capture this period of time in the way that the craft of rug making was originally intended, focussing on doubt and how it can become a disease. Bold and challenging her work is a clear statement about contemporary living which the viewer can use to reflect on their own relationship with technology and their inner critic; this being only more relevant in the wake of the isolation related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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