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Untitled 5 (Framed) by Diane Rogan

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Untitled 5 (Framed) (2016)

Diane Rogan

18 x 25 cm | 7 x 9 in

Subject: Places/landscapes/interiors

Pigment ink, Chinese ink, acrylic, oil paint on primed 190gm CP Paper


Diane Rogan

Diane Rogan’s painting reflects the hidden space in municipal places which she calls ‘Wild Space.’ Wild Space is a philosophical title, embedding ideas between the broad relationships between urban areas, community and - by extension - the concept of belonging.  Social politics and psychological states are played out through the language of architecture; broken lines and fragmented buildings hold performative symbolism.

These paintings have a connection with familiar surroundings, the trees and buildings provoke memory and recognition. The bright, unnatural palette, however, flicks the switch between the real and the fantasy -  exciting a realm of the unknown. Lurid colours, fragmentation and exaggerated contrasts are unnerving, but the fluid brushstrokes and attention to detail produce new, consoling and inspiring realities. The paintings, therefore, offer a contradiction to symbolise the various connections and possibilities between people and place.  

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