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Two for Five Pounds by Jo Hummel

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Two for Five Pounds

Jo Hummel

59 x 42 cm | 23 x 16 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Clean

'Two For Five Pounds', is an original mixed media drawing using felt tip pen and collage. This piece is presented in a white box frame. "I like to convert one medium into another, a sound, into a drawing, into a sculpture, into an animation. By cutting away the negative space in my drawings I feel they become part of our tangible world, I cut away for the same reason I animate, to bring a drawing to life, to bring it closer."


Jo Hummel

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For Joanne Hummel-Newell, mark making and its deviation from cognitive processes can create a candid outcome. It is a particularly generous enterprise, as Hummell- Newell allows the space in her work for found artefacts, bearing the traces of another’s hand. An array of references, a near synaesthesiac grasp on the world and a multitude of conceptual interests cohere in these elegant and minimalist compositions brimming with energy.

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