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Thumbnail Sketch While Waiting for the Artist to Turn Up (2017)

Scott Robertson

15 x 21 cm | 5 x 7 in

Subject: People
Tags: Remnants, Thumb

Original drawing in pencil on paper.

"The paper this was sketched on is from a gallery that had recently showed an Arts Council show, and this text was a draft for a label for a Jeremy Deller work included in that show. Robertson (who works as an art technician) had taken down that show and was in the process of installing the next."


Scott Robertson

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Often extemporaneous and flippant, the work of Scott Robertson suggests a light hearted approach to life. A note taped to the wall with the words “Chin up” makes us smile, it embodies elastic humour whilst implying the emotional reassurance that this phrase may impart. The work uses phrases which defuse common emotions and fears with playful humour. The piece “Seen you” displays its title proudly, etched into polished copper, beaming out as the light strikes its surface. Robertson's work reminds us to smile: we are in on the joke. Simultaneously playful and comforting, it is a cure - a reintroduction of sincere humour and simple solutions to an often apathetic attitude in modern society.

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