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The Yearning (2016)

Eigil Nordstrom

136 x 85 cm | 50 x 31 in

Subject: Places/landscape
Tags: Nostalgic, Clouds, Blue, Vibrant, Poetic, Serene

Original painting in oil on canvas.

"Painted without using photographic references, this painting is based on memories of the mountainous region around the family cabin in Sikkilsdalen valley in Norway. I sought to capture the intangible and romanticized nature of the memories from my home country."

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Eigil Nordstrom

The poetical balance of space and light is captivating in the work of Eigil Nordstrom. Soporific, mellow hues and an imposing illusion of space where surfaces rise and fall. These planes of light seemingly disperse into invisibility giving each painting breathless depth. The effectiveness in the play of light seductively transports the viewer to natural idylls. Licks of light flitter across the canvas in purposely ambiguous surroundings. This evokes a feeling of familiarity, beguiling the viewer. The minimalist approach compliments the equivocal quality of the work, allowing lucid appreciations of the interaction and capricious nature of light and matter.

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