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The Viaduct by Martin Whittam

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The Viaduct (2020)

Martin Whittam

40 x 30 cm | 15 x 11 in

Subject: Places/landscapes/interiors

Original painting in watercolour on watercolour paper.

delivered to your door from £9.75

Martin Whittam

Imagine L.S Lowry were to partake in peyote? Or to immerse himself in an ayahuasca retreat in the North of England? Then perhaps the resulting work would resemble Martin Whittam’s with all its vivid and tiny details. A man walks a dog in the distance, a skyline is marred by smoke, a harbour freckled with boats – like Lowry before him, Whittam has really lived his subjects. Perhaps the most delightful aspect of Whittam’s work is his expressive, non realistic choice of intense colour.  

Unsurprisingly his work has been commissioned worldwide as he possesses  the unique talent of creating work that is contemporary whilst maintaining a nascent charm...

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