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The Unconventionist (2016)

Lisa Kotoulas

45 x 50 cm | 16 x 18 in

Subject: People
Tags: Men, Portrait, Green, Ephemeral, Gestural

Original painting in oil on board.

delivered to your door from £10.50

Lisa Kotoulas

Engaging with concepts of identity, and the construction of self, the paintings of Lisa Kotoulas court difficult ideas whilst creating a tension filled, visual feast. Kotoulas uses loose brush strokes and a limited palette to dress her characters in an elusive, disturbing aesthetic. Figures at once emerge and dissipate from the pictorial surface, creating an ephemeral but definite presence. The paintings evoke the subjectivity of everyday life and stage an effort to break down the disenchanted, assumptive banality of human interaction with the outer world - and with each other. The work thus act as cathartic viewing experiences for both ‘observation and reflection’.

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