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The Tree She Once Gazed from by Lucy Davies

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The Tree She Once Gazed from (2019)

Lucy Davies

160 x 230 cm | 62 x 90 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Memories, Shadow, Grey, Ephemeral, Tree

Original painting in oil on canvas.


Lucy Davies

Drift through Lucy’s Otherworld, and experience the layers of meditative and esoteric existence that she has seamlessly captured on her canvases. These snapshots of Lucy’s Mythos come to fruition in a superbly serene palette - the spectrum of which has been inspired by minerals and lends a tenderness to her work. 

Davies, who graduated from The City and Guilds London Art School with a BA in Fine Art this year, contemplates the idea of ‘visibility.’ She often reduces her subjects to minimal, remnants of shadow and light, and treats these shadows and light-bursts as her primary forms. The effect of Davies’ technique is to render a completely new and original image from an old one. Looking at a piece of her work truly is like peering through a window into an otherworld - a brand new, hopeful and touchingly ambiguous one. 

Her muted palette explores a range of natural, eco-inspired hues - soil brows, clay reds, and granite greys and somehow highlights her concern about: ‘the growing disconnection between animals and humans’.

We hope that you will enjoy the blissful imaginings of Lucy Davies as much as we do. 

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