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The Feeling Is Building

David Rankin

63 x 51 cm | 23 x 18 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Blue, Movement, Layers, Gestural

Original drawing in ink, PVA glue and oil pastels on paper.

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David Rankin

Gestural nuances and strides of diverse colour enrich the work of David Rankin. Rankin is a painter who uses past and present emotions to inform his pieces. “The feeling is building” demonstrates such emotion. Fleeting colours wash over each other, apple green crashes into a Prussian blue whilst a coral pink drives through the right, twisting up within the frame. Black circling marks seek to embrace the composition in its salvational womb. The energy and emotion that races through each piece reaches out universally, it is a visual analysis of feeling. “Beautiful Gloom” is similarly marked with organic intuition. Smoky, green-blue hues heave over the canvas in embracing, spiralling gestures. There appears in the foreground, coloured marks, surrounding each other like a distant crowd. An encompassing horizon is marked with two black lines that echo the ridges of mountainous hills. There is a twist to this scene: a glow of cadmium yellow cries out. It reclaims the composition with an awe of sun-like energy. These works are the result of externalising emotion and they maintain the energy and passion that drove them into being.

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