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The Blue of Distancee (framed) by Małgorzata Lapsa-Malawska

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The Blue of Distancee (framed) (2020)

Małgorzata Lapsa-Malawska

50 x 40 cm | 19 x 15 in

Subject: Places/landscapes/interiors

Original painting in ink on paper.

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Małgorzata Lapsa-Malawska

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Lapsa-Malawska uses a monochrome palette, to seamlessly blend ideas within a dimension of stark simplicity and suggested form. The artist believes in fewer strokes, to achieve clarity and space to invite her audience to use their own imaginations. In her works, she explores the relationship between people and art in public space. Transience, urban loneliness and the issue of isolation and emptiness. The artist avidly watches people, observing lives that inevitably inspire her, as she transposes them and her personal experiences into the hinterlands of her imagination.

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