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Tension I

Steve Mallon

21 x 29 cm | 7 x 10 in

Subject: Objects/still Life
Tags: Leaves, Line, Boundaries, Plant, Bars (Security)

Original mixed media painting in Indian Ink and acrylic on cartridge paper.

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Steve Mallon

Uncertainty and fragility mark the portrait studies of Steve Mallon, immersing his subjects in the soft fluidity of Indian ink. By keeping to often morose colour palettes, the timid figures stare out of their shallow picture planes, locked in a level of mundane solemnity. In the facial expressions of some, shocks of primary blues and reds jolt features into the foreground; in others, their faces fade away, like breath on glass. These intimate portraits stand as subdued psychological tenets; Mallon aims to raise expressionist tendencies to visualise the internal within mankind.

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