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Space Rocks (2015)

Rhiannon Salisbury

60 x 60 cm | 22 x 22 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Mixed Media, Neon, Yellow, Abstract, Layers, Cosmic, Space, Spray Paint

Original painting in mixed media on canvas.

This cosmic painting combines synthetic colours and textures (glitter, sequins and spray paint) with natural materials (rocks) to produce a harmonious combination of form and movement. A dreamy and bold abstract image to take your thoughts on a journey through space.

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Rhiannon Salisbury

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In 2015 Rhiannon was awarded the John Hoyland Scholarship to study for her MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art. Her work focuses on the boundaries between real and fictional experiences, the blurred line between the conscious and unconscious mind, and is rooted in the personal dreams, nightmares, imagination and memories. 

Experience and intuition collide in a colourful tide in these emotionally charged, expressive works by Rhiannon Salisbury. She creates galaxies of sharp colour and organic form, encouraging a dialogue between her paintings and the viewer, aiming to create a sincere and individual experience. The title “Crackling Desert” makes connotations to landscape, yet the piece itself is a rebirth of fantastical hues and breathless forms swimming through the canvas. With explosions of colour each piece breathes new life and a brevity of intensity with an immediacy that recalls a poetic absolution.

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